With extensive expertise and decades of in-house experience, ROHR-IDRECO can advise you on all stages of your present or future dredging project. Within the Group, we have the capacity to deliver a full portfolio of dredgers, be they electric-driven jet suction, diesel cutter suction, or mechanical grab and bucket dredgers – and a wide range of custom-built solutions in-between.


ROHR-IDRECO has also teamed up with a number of partners in a consortium of expert companies in the field of surveying, monitoring & surface mapping, wet separation & processing equipment, and special hoses & pipe manufacturing.

Process optimization

Existing systems that are not optimally coordinated are an often-seen situation. Adjustments and fine-tuning can then mean a significant efficiency improvement for the overall plant. ROHR-IDRECO is there to support the dredge master in effective operation. The process optimization consists of:

• Internal and on-site research
• On-site analysis of the vessel and equipment, dredging process and production data
• Analysis of external suppliers
• Report of findings and recommendations

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