Corporate Social Responsibility

ROHR-IDRECO has its roots in the sand and gravel mining industry. It is calculated that each person in North-West Europe “consumes” a kilo of sand and gravel material per hour. This makes it the second most used commodity…after water. 

As part of our desire to give back to society, ROHR-IDRECO sponsors the Eijkelkamp Foundation. This Foundation digs water wells in the African country of Benin. These wells are then managed by local “water entrepreneurs” to provide clean drinking water and a source of income to local communities. 

With the delivery of each dredger – always a joyous occasion – ROHR-IDRECO will make a financial donation to the Foundation and invites its Clients to match. The goal is to fund at least one water well each calendar year. 


Water Access Point

What is a WAP (Water Access Point)? It is a drinking water point that consists of:

  • a well filter (at a depth of approximately 65 meters)
  • an electric water pump
  • an above-ground housing for protection
  • four solar panels
  • a water tank with a volume of 2,000 liters
  • a payment system with a tag reader

ROHR-IDRECO has no commercial interests in this Foundation.