New Dredger for North American Sand and Gravel Operation

5 marzo 2018

ROHR-IDRECO Dredge Systems has delivered a new gantry type floating clamshell dredger and conveyor system to North American Sand and Gravel Operation.

This 8m³ clamshell model is an electric dredger with a digging depth of 60m and production capacity up to 500 t/h.

ROHR-IDRECO dredgers are designed and engineered to meet the specific requirements of each application, and this dredge was outfitted with an on-board Fine Sand Recovery System, High Frequency Fine Sand Dewatering Screen Cyclone and Jaw Crusher.

The gantry type clamshell has fully automated controls to support a one-man operation and very low power requirements, as well as a DGPS/Sonar system for improved material recovery.

ROHR-IDRECO also supplied the 240m of floating conveyors that delivers the separated and dewatered material to the main conveyor belt system going to the plant.