Jim, our pump engineer, knows everything there is to know about our pumps and boosters. He creates detailed designs, but he is still available to answer sales and service-related inquiries. When Jim talks about it, his enthusiasm shines through:


The pump that suits best
“At ROHR-IDRECO, we recommend the pump that will ensure the greatest efficiency in each customer’s situation. With our knowledge and experience, we match customer-specific wishes and applicable requirements to find the right solution.”


Uptime and efficiency
“Our pumps have a number of advantages including being easy to assemble, install and maintain. Since the maintenance parts are readily accessible, replacements can be performed faster, resulting in less downtime. In addition, the pumps have low power consumption, which also contributes to their efficiency.”


Open atmosphere at ROHR-IDRECO
“Water, and everything related to it, has always held a place in my heart. As a result, the product line and range was the first thing that drew me to ROHR-IDRECO. Now I can confidently say that the job has never disappointed me. A nice example: a third party recently complimented us on how neat our drawings were. That was very rewarding.

Now, it is mostly the open atmosphere that makes me feel at home here; as colleagues, we get along well and are all open to each other’s feedback. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the team. Thinking and collaborating together allows us to quickly respond to changes and make adjustments when required.”