Patrick is your first point of contact for all service-related questions regarding suction dredgers and pumps. Whether it concerns a quotation request, service call, question about delivery times or urgent incident, Patrick is your go-to contact.

To Patrick, the world of vessels is the one he feels at home in. His appreciation for ships doesn’t simply manifest itself at work, his passion for yachts also leads him to Monaco.


The promise
“As Manager Parts & Services Netherlands, customer needs are top priority for me. I always attempt to come up with a rapid and yet full response, so that we do things right, straight away. On-time, decent, and with reasonable prices and delivery times. A good feeling for both parties is what I strive for.”


Added value
“Customer contact often involves advice from our side. As a sales department, we can rely on an experienced team with extensive knowledge of both the older machines and the latest techniques. The teams’ expertise means that we know what we are talking about and we can think along with the customer to ensure the most efficient operation.
Our large stock of crucial spare parts also provides added value. The stock ensures quick delivery times, with minimized downtime as a result.”


International job
“One of the best things about my job is its international character. The customers I am in contact with come from all over the world. This means that every interaction is different and my job remains varied.”


The bigger, the better
“My love for vessels does not only show up at work. I have this passion for yacht building, in particular bigger yachts of 60 to 200 meters. For years I have had connections in this branch, nationally and internationally, and I have been welcome on the most precious yachts during the annual Monaco Yacht Show.
To be present at a launching party of a new yacht design in the prestigious Hermitage Hotel in Monaco was an experience to never forget. Glitter and glamour can be quite nice for a few days…”