ROHR-IDRECO iPump for Dutch K3 Delta

Sand and gravel extraction company K3Delta will relocate one of its installations this spring to start on a new project in Gendt, the Netherlands. After good previous experiences, the company chose to reinstall a ROHR-IDRECO iPump® as part of extensions to the installation.



Location The Netherlands
Pump 55/45
Production 5000 m3/h

The project
Frank Kock, Head of Technical Services at K3Delta, explains that the extraction site in Gendt was carefully chosen: “First of all, the soil contains sufficient usable sand and gravel. In addition, the location is very suitable for the development of a nature reserve. To stimulate nature development, we carry out reconstruction work for which we pump the fine sand extracted from the installation back to the extraction area.”

The pump solution
To be able to pump this fine sand back, K3Delta opted for the ROHR-IDRECO 55/45 pump. “We already used this pump on one of our suction dredgers and we have always been very satisfied with it,” says Frank Kock. “The pump has a great efficiency: it pumps a lot of volume while using little energy. At the same time it operates at a low, quiet speed.”

“In the new pump, we reuse parts of the previous pump, including the pump housing. The pump housing has been on this pump for more than twelve years and is still good enough to use again. That is significant.”

Contact with ROHR-IDRECO
“The short communication lines with account manager Cor and his colleagues also ensured that the project went well. We have a common language. As a result, the contact is fast and smooth.”

We are pleased that we can successfully help K3Delta with this solution and wish them every success with the new sand extraction installation!