The principle of the Hurricane is based on a friction drum and a rotor running in different directions, thus creating friction of the material fed to the machine. It serves for rounding aggregates for the concrete industry or for washing out impurities like sticky sand conglomerations.

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HS 1

  • Capacity: 22 – 44 st/h
  • Drive power drum: 40 HP
  • Drive power rotor: 75 HP
  • Drum diameter: 58 in
  • Drum length: 81 in
  • Weight: 29,762 lbs

HS 5

  • Capacity: 55 – 110 st/h
  • Drive power drum: 73 HP
  • Drive power rotor: 177 HP
  • Drum diameter: 71 in
  • Drum length: 122 in
  • Weight: 45200 lbs

Hydraulic clamshell grabs

Available Clamshell bucket designs:

  • with round shells – type “WHALE”
  • with straight shells – type “PIKE”

All clamshell buckets are prefabricated for the installation of the service and diagnostic system.

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  • Excellent digging performance due to optimized clamshell bucket design
  • Torsionally rigid and sturdy steel construction which remains non warping and crack-free even under extreme loads
  • Low wear and long service due to the use of high quality, wear-resistant steels
  • Maintenance-free bearing systems, both shell pivots, and cylinder rod bearings
  • Easy-to service placing of the hydraulic units, hydraulic tank and motor
  • Clamshell bucket teeth are exchangeable, adapted to ground conditions

The patented ROHR-IDRECO underwater motor clamshell grab combines excellent digging performances with low wear and a long lifespan thanks to the use of high-quality, wear-resistant steel. These clamshell grabs come in an optimized design and can be supplied with straight cutting edges for a normal service (PIKE type) or with bent or round cutting edges for heavy-duty services (WHALE type), respectively.